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Hygienic Design and Cleaning Chemistry Evaluation for Product Safety Effectiveness and CIP Validation


While your Cleaning in Place (CIP) systems were designed to automate your cleaning process and efficiently clean and disinfect your enclosed processing equipment, roughly 75% of CIP systems run un-validated, using the original settings.* That means your system probably hasn’t been fine-tuned to perform optimally for your plant, including needed modifications to accommodate any production process changes that occurred since installation. Therefore, you may not be getting the full operational benefits from your CIP system investment.


Improve your cleaning results, maintain microbiological standards, and safeguard your product safety with CIPCheck. Your operational efficiency and total cost of ownership will be positively impacted as a result of CIPCheck’s clear, structured process that identifies and prioritises improvement actions under four categories:


  • Effective and efficient hygienic design
  • Cleaning efficiency
  • Water, energy and chemical efficiency
  • Time and usage efficiency


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What is Diversey CIPCheck?


CIPCheck is one solution within the Diversey Knowledge-Based Services portfolio. These services are designed to help you address food safety and operational efficiency challenges while reducing your total cost of operation.


  • Ensure your chemical solution is suitable for your soils so that you can deliver a repeatable clean with each cycle.
  • Determine whether incremental improvements such as balancing out the line capacity or adding a recovery tank to re-use water will improve efficiency.
  • Optimize CIP design, energy efficiency and process automation.
  • Prioritize areas of improvement and take action.


With Diversey CIPCheck’s focus on the technical, environmental, and economic optimization of CIP installations:


  • We will help you discover if your CIP system is under-performing and determine which actions will result in meaningful improvement.
  • Our service team will conduct a detailed probe into the CIP system to assess the system design, audit your current cleaning procedures, map the current water, energy, and chemical usage, and measure cycle time.
  • As necessary, we will conduct additional assessments into the cleaning result, microbiological standards, and specific soils or allergens.


On completion, you’ll receive an analysis benchmarking your performance against industry standards and a detailed report identifying areas of improvement.



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